Greek beach estate
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The estate is made up of three villas, a swimming pool and a charming surrounding area, all set on a scenic seashore peninsula surrounded by gorgeous natural vegetation and lovingly cultivated gardens. The north-westerly coastal location ensures a fresh, invigorating sea breeze during even the hottest summer months. The only sounds the winds carry on the estate are those of nature and the sea.

Occupying the tranquil and secluded lush peninsula from where its name derives, Marnei Mare’s cluster of three beautiful private villas and a reception cottage are set in a 40.000 sq.m. of orchards that unfold from a lush pine forest down to the crystal clear Aegean Sea.

The villas’ stucco finish replicates the deep volcanic colours of the earth and the pebbles of the nearby beaches, while the traditional dry stone walls were built by skilled local stone masons, creating a setting that is in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings.

Island of Samos



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