Stylish Estate
BH21 101

An estate of two halves, a classically designed stately home, and a eclectic interior designed Riding House.

A stunning Georgian stately home with iconic classical features throughout.  Beautifully interior designed and exquisite architecture.  Classically modern, with architectural details in every room.  The surrounding estate park of 400 acres features a serpentine lake, garden ornaments, a notable grotto and a 1000-yard avenue of beech.

The Riding House : Through a large central door, you enter a hall lined entirely, floor to ceiling, with a seventeenth-century-style velvet from Pierre Frey, hanging on wrought-iron poles, and a huge bronze sculpture of a horse’s head by Stephen Pettifer on a plinth at the end. The theatrical tone is set. On the ground floor is the large dining room where the horses’ stalls would have been.


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